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May 23, 2016: AOTP is back on iTunes! Look for us in the Alternative Rock section.

AOTP as of June 13, 2016:

Listenership is up lately. We topped 4000 hours in a single month for the first time this year!

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The seventh AOTP live show is happening at Red Buddha Lounge in Lyndhurst on Saturday, June 25.

8 pm: A BIRD

9 pm : MISS OHIO

11 pm: GALANOS

Admission: $8

Contact Rob at for more information.

This is an Unlisted Ear Production.

New episodes of radiO+ appear in early July as the O+ Festival returns to Chicago July 8-10.

Episode 30: O+ Chicago music preview
Episode 31: New Music From Old Friends - featuring new music from O+ alumni.

AOTP counts down the 40 best songs of the week on The AOTP Spindown!

Fridays at 4 pm ET and Sundays at 6 pm ET.

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