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It's bound to confuse as well as delight.

FRED ON 44 recreates the classic XM Radio channel. New wave, shoegaze, postpunk, alternative and college rock. 1977-1992.

Saturday nights, 7 pm - 2 am ET.

AOTP has its own Tumblr page. Get the latest news and the Somewhat Subjective Top 40 charts.

New chart every Friday.

Beginning in January 2015, the SST40 airs on Fridays at 4 pm, Saturday at noon and Sunday at 7 pm. All times ET.

It's also a musical education in three hours or less. Welcome to the new age.

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EXIT 135 returns with an interview with Tony Donato, executive producer of CUT PIECES: A TRIBUTE TO YOKO ONO, featuring 16 reinterpretations of Yoko's songs. You'll hear the whole album while Tony provides commentary on each track.

Fri Jan 30 - 7 pm ET
Sat Jan 31 - 3 pm ET
Sun Feb 1 - 5 pm ET