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Hosted by Rob Galgano, All Over The Place is based in Westfield, New Jersey.

AOTP broadcasts live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AOTP is a member of the Radio Indie Alliance.

What does AOTP play? It's like this: all kindsa music from the '60s to today, all wrapped up in one neat package. It's like the weather - if you don't like what's on now, wait a few minutes - it will change.

Basically, it's Rob Galgano's life summed up in music. This article will tell you more:

The Alternative Press

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From listener Bob Langdon:

"Rob Galgano does a fantastic job curating the music. He relies heavily on classic alternative, but you'll hear deep cuts along with the hits (where else would you hear the Go-Go's "Its Everything But Party Time?"). He also plays a really nice selection of current alternative bands and I've discovered a lot of new bands through the station. And then he'll play a totally obscure song from the 60's. The station is all over the place. Check it out and become a fan too."

Long-time AOTP supporter Michael Aarons comments:
"For those who are always looking for something new to check out as well as those who get a rush from finding that "musical $20 bill" you forgot your pocket years ago, I hope you continue to get as much enjoyment from Rob's programming as I do. It's rewarding for both Rob and myself to see an intimate, but growing, group of regular listeners."

Listener Erin Milligan-Milburn had this to say:
"All Over the Place is the perfect station for expanding your music tastes, relaxing or providing background music while you work. Listen for an're bound to hear something you know well and something you've never heard before. I listen while catching up on my chartwork because all the songs are good, and there is enough variety that I don't get distracted singing along to every song that plays."